FILL THIS SURVEY OUT FOR 25 Pts. This is just a refresher on what you need to finish your foley project out in a timely & Successful manner.

Name *
Did Your Team Schedule 2 Recording Sessions for This Week and Next? (remember we are off Monday Sept 3rd.) *
Have you filmed Part II of the Project? *
Did you Ask Mr. White to Install Logic for Your Team? *
Are you aware that EVERYONE in Your Group needs to make a Mix of BOTH Projects? As a Group You Will Choose the Best One to Show the Class *
Did Your Airdrop Your Foley Project to Everyone in Your Group? *
Are you Aware that You Are Being Graded on a Daily Basis for How You Use Your TIme with This Project? *
Did You Bring in a Pair of Headphones or Earbuds with an 1/8 inch connector (aux style cable) so you can Monitor Your Audio?
Did you Pay Your Lab Fee?
Do You Know That You CANNOT enter the Foley Stage When Another Group is Working? If You Do Enter the Stage You Will be Deducted Points. *
Do You Realize You MUST Stay with Your Group At All TImes. Even When Sitting in the Classroom. *
Are You Aware that you MUST Sit at a Table When Using Your Laptop? *
Do You Know that You Cannot Wander Around the Classroom During Foley Production? *